Getting Started


All your installation information was sent or is going to be sent in an email with full detail.

My Builder

In your builder, you CAN edit the appearance of your website/app, like images, colors, your footer.
In your builder, you CAN'T edit/create business and products or manage your orders, to do this, you must use the Editor.

Login to the builder

You can access your builder ( with the keys we sent you in the installation mail.
For this page there's only one user, you can log in in multiple devices.

Project Name

You can find your project name once you log in, you will need this if want to use our Business App, Delivery App, and some other features.

Ordering Editor

In your Ordering Editor, you can edit/create businesses, edit products, menus, manage your orders, configure payment methods, manage your countries, cities, languages.

To login to your editor, you must use a superadmin or business owner account.

Privileges change according to user level.

Privileges change according to user level.

Business App

The business app is perfect for taking care of all the manager duties from any handheld device, form managing orders, product, drivers, etc. etc.

To use the business app you must use a super-admin or business owner account.

The project name is the one you get from your builder.

The project name is the one you get from your builder.

Delivery App

Your delivery drivers have their own app, it only allows them access to orders they are to deliver and the order information, as an add on it can have the use of google maps and customizations.

To use the delivery app you must use a driver account.

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Getting Started

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