Editor - Business

This view is the main editing view of a business, where it is manipulated from the business information to products and payment configurations. In this view it is advisable to have a section reserved to open the different modals and thus be able to manipulate 100% the business, as an example the original view is shown:


Main Models

In general, all business data is in a variable called deal and its attributes are accessed depending on what you want to update:

  • deal.header: contains the URL of the background image
  • deal.logo: contains the URL of the main image of the business
  • deal.name: Name of the business
  • deal.categories: contains all categories of the business and these categories contain the products
  • curCategoryName: model to add a new category
  • newProduct
  • newProduct.name: Name for a new product
  • newProduct.price: Price for a new product
  • newProduct.description: Description for a new product

Models for filter

  • filterProduct: Model used to filter products

Utility Functions

  • changeBusinessName(name): function that serves to update the name of the business
    -selectCategory(category): Useful to manage tab categories tab or any other disconnector
  • changeCategoryName(category): update the name of a category
  • updateCategory(category): update the data of a category
  • removeCategory(category): delete a category with all its products
  • addCategory(curCategoryName): add a new category
  • changeProductData(product): update the data of a product
  • addProduct(product): Add new product
  • showMoreProductSettings(product): open a modal with the details of a product
  • removeProduct(product): delete a product
  • changeBusinessStatus(deal): Enable / disable a business
  • showBusinessInfo(): Open a modal to modify the main information of a business
  • showBusinessSchedule(): Open a modal to modify business schedules
  • showBusinessMenu(): Open a modal that manages business menus
  • showDeliveryZone(): Open a modal that manages the delivery areas of a business
  • showNotifications(): Open a modal that manages business notifications
  • showPaymentsMethods(): Open a modal that manages a business's payment methods
  • showChannels(): Open a modal that shows the integrations of a business.
  • showWebhooks(): Open a modal that manages the webhooks of a business
  • showExtensions(): opens a modal where offers, coupons, taxes and services are administered
  • createOrder(): It allows to enter the order create mode

Example of base theme

  1. changeBusinessStatus
  2. deal.header
  3. deal.logo
  4. categories listed
  5. updateCategory
  6. category image
  7. curCategoryName
  8. addCategory
  9. deal.name
  10. createOrder
  1. filterProduct
  2. newProduct
  3. newProduct.name
  4. newProduct.price
  5. newProduct.description
  6. addProduct
  7. showMoreProductSettings
  8. removeProduct