Editor - business info

This view is a modal from which all the information of a business is handled, it is opened with the function showBusinessInfo() in the view theme/editor/business.html

Main Models

  • curProvider: The business owner te value is an integer (user_id)
  • deal.food: Boolean, to mark if the business is of type comida
  • deal.alcohol: Boolean, to mark if the business is of type alcohol
  • deal.groceries: Boolean, to mark if the business is of type groceries
  • deal.laundry: Boolean, to mark if the business is of type Laundry
  • users: you contain all the users in an array, according to their use they are filtered by type 0 or type 2
  • deal.city_id: Int, mark the id of the business city
  • cities: contains all project cities in an array used to select deal.city_id
  • deal.address: business address
  • deal.about: short description about business
  • deal.description: long description about business
  • deal.gallery: contains images and videos of the business.

Utility Functions

  • hideBusinessInfo(): close this modal
  • changeCollapse(tab): It serves to section all the contents by tab or accordions.
  • changeBusinessOwner(curProvider): Assign a business owner to the business
  • changeTypes(): update the type of business among the 4 existing options
  • changeCity(city): update the business city
  • saveAddress(): update the business address
  • changeAbout(): update the short description and the long description of the business
  • removeGallery(item): delete an item from the gallery and to a video or an image
  • addVideoGallery(): Add a video to the gallery.

Example of base theme

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