Editor - Business menu

This view is a modal that opens with the function showBusinessMenu() in the view theme/viees/editor/business.html In this view the menus are listed and then select the one you want to modify

Main Models

  • deal.menus: contains all the menus of the business
  • curNewMenu: contains the initial state to create a new menu

Utility Functions

  • hideBusinessMenu(): close this modal
  • removeMenu(menu): function that removes a menu from the database
  • showBusinessMenuSttings(menu): Open a modal to manipulate the details of the menu
  • updateMenu(menu): function to update the menu information

Example of base theme

  1. updateMenu()
  2. showBusinessMenuSttings
  3. removeMenu
  4. showBusinessMenuSttings but with curNewMenu to add a new menu.
  5. deal.menus
  6. curNewMenu model