Editor - Create business

This view is a modal that opens with the function showCreateBusiness() in the view theme/views/editor/listing-business.html This modal is used to enter the initial data needed to create a business.

Main Models

  • curBusiness
  • curBusiness.name: name field the new business
  • curBusiness.slug: new business slug field
  • curBusiness.email: new business email
  • curBusiness.city_id: field of the id of the new business city
  • curBusiness.address: field of the direction of the new business
  • cities: contains the cities of a project in an array

Utility Functions

  • hide(): close this modal
  • changeCity(city_id)
  • saveAddress()
  • add(): Save the new


To use the map in this view the following code is necessary

<div id="create-business-map" data-tap-disabled="true"></div>

Example of base theme