Editor - Delivery zone settings

This view is the one that opens when the function showDeliveryZoneSettings() is used in the view theme/views/editor/delivery-zone.html This shows the details of a delivery area used to create and modify.

Main Models

  • zone.type: this marks the type of zone that is and can take 3 possible values:
    1. Circle
    2. Polygon
    3. Dropdown option
  • deal.address: Business address
  • zone.dropdownCity: if it is type dropdown, the selected one
  • dropdownCities: dropdown cities available to select

Utility Functions

  • hide(): close this modal
  • changeType(): reset the values of zone.data
  • changed(): reset the zone.dropdown_option_id
  • clearMap(): resets any trace on the map
  • saveZone(): save changes in the delivery area
<div id="map-delivery-zone"></div>

Example of base theme