Editor - Listing business

This view contains all the business lists and allows to enable / disable, copy, delete and open the details of business edition

Main Models

  • filteredBusiness: has all the business in an array filtered by the type of business, if the value of filterBusinessType is "" then it will contain all types

Models For filter

  • filterBusinessType: can take four values 'food', 'alcohol', 'groceries' and 'laundry' these change directly with the function selectBusinessType
  • filterBusiness: It serves to make an input to filter by business name

Utility Functions

  • selectBusinessType($event, type): changes the model filterBusinessType and filted by business type
  • copy(business_id, $event): Copy the information of a business
  • changeBusinessStatus(business): enable / disable a business
  • edit(slug): Access to a view with all the business information
  • delete(business_id, $event): Serve to delete a business
  • showCreateBusiness(): shows a modal in which you enter the initial data to create a business

Example of base theme

  1. changeBusinessStatus(business)
  2. edit(slug)
  3. copy(item.id, $event)
  4. delete(business_id, $event)
  5. showCreateBusiness()