Editor - Notifications

View that manages business notifications, this view opens with the function showNotifications() in the view theme/editor/business.html

Main Models

  • curEmailOrder: Contains the notification email
  • curBusTel: contains the notification phone
  • curBusCel: contains the notification cell phone number
  • deal.use_printer: Boolean that checks if the printer is used
  • deal.printer_id: Identifier of the used printer
  • printers: Contains all printers in an array
  • curCollapse: Useful to section the view

Utility Functions

  • hideNotifications(): Closes this modal
  • changeCollapse(tab): Useful to section changes the value of the model curCollapse
  • saveEmailOrders(curEmailOrder): update the notification email
  • checkBusinessTel(curBusTel): save or update the number if it has more than 7 characters
  • saveBusinessTel(curBusTel): Save the phone number
  • checkBusinessCel(curBusCel): automatically saves the cell phone number if it has more than 10 numbers
  • saveBusinessCel(curBusCel): save the cell phone number
  • changePrinter(curPrinter): change the selected printer

Example of base theme

  1. hideNotifications()
  2. curEmailOrder with the function saveEmailOrders(curEmailOrder)
  3. curBusTel with the function checkBusinessTel(curBusTel)
  4. curBusCel with the function checkBusinessCel(curBusCel)
  5. changeCollapse(2)