Editor - Settings - Includes - webhooks

In this view, webhooks are listed, added, modified and deleted. the hooks must be manually listed in the HTML

Controller: webhooksSettingsEditorCtrl


  • users_register
  • orders_register
  • orders_status_updated
  • orders_update_driver
  • orders_pending
  • orders_completed
  • orders_rejected
  • orders_rejected_business
  • orders_rejected_driver
  • orders_accepted_business
  • orders_accepted_driver
  • orders_pickup_completed_driver
  • orders_pickup_failed_driver
  • orders_delivery_completed_driver
  • orders_delivery_failed_driver

Main Models

  • webhooks: contiene todos los webhook del proyecto.
  • curWebhook: modelo reservaro para cuando se quiere añadir un nuevo webhook.

Models for Filster

  • filterUrl: it serves to filter the webhooks by its url

Utility functions

  • deleteWebhook(webhook): Remove a webhook from the database.
  • updateWebhook(webhook): this function allows you to update a webhook
  • addWebhook(curWebhook): with this function webhooks are added to the project.

Example of base theme

  1. list of webhooks: If there is a change, the function updateWebhook is activated
  2. deleteWebhook(webhook)
  3. curWebhook model
  4. addWebhook() using the curWebhook model