Editor - Settings - Checkoutfields

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This is the mode that opens when the function showCheckoutFields() is used in the view theme/views/editor/settings/includes/general.html and allows you to manage two fields specific to checkout fields that are enabled and required.

Main models

  • checkoutfields: contains in an array all the checkout fields of the project.

Utility Functions

  • hideCheckoutFields(): This function is used to close the modal
  • updateCheckoutField(field): this function allows updating enabled and required of the checkout fields.

Example of base theme


New Feature: Middle Name and Second Last Name

Now you have more checkout fields, as we know that in some parts of the world this is really important, we add the checkout fields for Middle Name and Second Last Name.

On Admin Area > Settings > Checkout fields, you can activate this new option, they are at the bottom of the checkout fields.


Once you active these checkout fields, you will see that option on the checkout in your project.


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