Editor - Settings - Drivertype settings

This view is the one that opens when the showDriverSettings(driver) or showDrivermanagerSettings(drivermanager) function is used in the view theme/views/editor/settings/includes/drivers.html and allows to add or modify drivers and driver managers

Main Models

  • curDriverType: it has the user's data that they load in this view, whether it is a driver or driver administrator
  • countries: contains all the countries in an array
  • cities: it contains all cities in an array

Utility Functions

  • hideDrivertypeSettings(): this function serves to close the modal and restart the model driverType
  • changeAddress():
  • updateUser(user): it is used to update information of a driver or a driver manager
  • addUser(user): it is useful to add a new driver manager or a driver

Example of base theme

  1. countries: listed to select a value for curDriverType.country_id
  2. cities: listed to select a value for curDriverType.country_id these are filter by country