Editor - Settings - Main

This is an HTML code for a sidebar that has the following content which open different view with the function changeTemplate(view) where view is the parameter that is sent to access a specific view:

  • settings: 'general' accede a la vista theme/editor/settings/includes/general.html
  • countries/cities: 'places' accede a la vista theme/editor/settings/includes/places.html
  • language manager: 'languages' accede a la vista theme/editor/settings/includes/languages.html
  • Integrations: 'integration' acede a la vista theme/editor/settings/includes/integration.html
  • Users: 'users' acede a la vista theme/editor/settings/includes/user.html
  • Delivery manager: 'drivers' accede a la vista theme/editor/settings/includes/drivers.html
  • Ordering chanels: 'channels' accede a la vista theme/editor/settings/includes/channels.html
  • Webhooks: 'webhooks' accede a la vista theme/editor/settings/includes/webhooks.html
  • Plugins: 'plugins' accede a theme/editor/settings/includes/plugins.html
  • Reviews manager: 'reviews' accede a la vista theme/editor/settings/includes/reviews.html

Example of base theme