Editor - Settings - Neighborhood settings

This is the view that opens when the function showNeighborhoodSettings() is used in the vieew theme/views/editor/settings/includes/places.html to update or add dropdown options

Main models

  • curDropdownoptions: contains the information of the dropdown option that is sent when the view is opened
  • countries:
  • cities:

Utility Functions

-updateNeighborhood(curDropdownoptions): used to update the dropdown option loaded in this view

  • addNeighborhood(curDropdownoptions): it's useful to add a new dropdown option

Example of base theme

  1. curDropdownoptions
  2. countries: listed to select one value for curDropdownoptions.country_id
  3. cities: listed to select one value for curDropdownoptions.city_id


SAVE button switch to ADD button when curDropdownoptions.id is -1