Editor - Settings - Users

This modal is the one that opens when the function showUserSettings(user) is used in the view theme/editor/settings/includes/users.html update or add a user.

Main Model

  • curUser: brings all the information of the user used to open this modal
  • curUser have something special for the model curUser.level that must be listed manually
  • Value:0 text:administrator
  • Value:1 text:city administrator
  • Value:2 text:Business owner
  • Value:3 text:user
  • countries
  • cities

Utility Functions

  • hideUserSettings(): closes this modal
  • updateUser(curUser): It serves to update the user opened in this modal
  • addUser(curUser): It serves to add a new user

To add the map here the base code is necessary###

<div id="user-map-street"></div>

Example of base theme

  1. curUser.level
  2. Countries list
  3. cities list filtered by country