Google Maps API Key

Maps functionality is essential for your project, make it works!

Create your own and get all the tech that Google Maps API provides. Create your own Google Map API key using your Google Account and add it to your page for great results.

Create Project

First, create the key at Google Maps Platform and click on "Get Started."

A pop-up window will appear, select the three options and then click on "Continue."

Click on "Create a new project."

Write the name of the project.

NOTE: We recommend writing the name to your website and click on "Next".

Create Billing Account

Create a billing account, follow these steps "Create billing account" and follow the steps to finish this process.

Write the name to your Billing Account and click on "Continue.".

Select your country and confirm.

Complete your personal information.

Verify if the information is correct.

You need to put one card to create your billing account; this is only for security. And click on "Submit and enable billing."

NOTE: Google provides credit for a trial period. This is just a backup billing method just in case you use more (which is nearly impossible with the range you can cover using the credit google gives). For more information click on this link.

The good news is that if you exceed that free limit, this means you have more people using your app and you're growing, in this case, you only need to authorize Google to charge you following the steps of this video.

Enable APIs

After you create your billing account a popup will show. Click next to enable the APIs.

After you enable the APIs a new popup will be displayed with your new API key.

Complete your profile

You'll receive an email, please complete the steps to finish your Google Cloud Platform profile.

That's all here!

No need to configure anything else here in the Google Cloud Platform page, any other change may cause some unexpected functionality in your website or apps.

Where to put your Google Maps API Key?


The next step is to go to your editor and edit the language variable GM_API_KEY if you don't know how to edit language variables learn how to do it here:

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Google Maps API Key

Maps functionality is essential for your project, make it works!

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