Hard Clear Cache

Cache, clear, customer experience, history, erase history.

Improve your customers experience with this brand new feature and avoid customer's bad experiences, be sure to follow the guides that we have created here and inform your customers about it, they'll be so happy with this change, we are 100% sure.

Which changes are in a clear cache situation?

Image changes, new feature addition, color change, some new visual changes using the Developers tool inside your Ordering Builder, and a few more, to avoid all these changes not to show when you do them, be sure that you use this feature.

Quick Overview

When you perform any of the action described above or any change in your Ordering Builder, you already know that there's an Update and Re-build process, well, with this feature a pop-up will show informing all your customers about those changes, all they have to do is click "Yes" to continue and the feature will automatically clear them cache and show the latest changes.

Cool right? 😎 It will look similar to this ↓

Detailed instructions on how to make this work (With video too 😉)

1st.- Upgrade the version and Update
Every time you change something in your Ordering builder, make sure to upgrade the version of the website, and update it, this will launch the changes you made at the time of building the site to all the users.

2nd.- Perform the changes
Go ahead and do all the changes that you want to in your site, such as; changing the color, adding a new background images, maybe some more options in your footer, any changes you do, we have already given the instruction to the website to launch these changes in the 1st step, now go to the third step.

3rd & last: Build the website
Now, all you need to do is go in the last part of your builder, in the left-side bar there is a BUILD category click on it and it will show Build Website there are 2 options of your website, Build it on Staging or Production (if production does not show is because you don't have a domain yet).

You can either click on Staging button or Production button to launch the changes, the differences between these two are that staging button is for testing and production is for live (for all your customers to see the changes) .

That's it Give it a try yourself,
Here is a quick video also that explain how this works 🤯

Important ⚠️

You have to clear your cache before this feature shows, because now you might have cache that won't show this feature, you only have to do it once, after this the Ordering system will do it automatically further on.

Learn how to clear cache here https://get.ordering.help/docs/clear-cache-all-the-time-to-see-changes

We hope this helps you a lot in your business
Keep on improving everyday

Your Ordering Team
As Always, Happy Ordering

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Hard Clear Cache

Cache, clear, customer experience, history, erase history.

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