Order confirm popup

This view is a summary of the order that confirms that it has been created

Main models

  • order.id: order identifier
  • order.business.name: business name
  • order.customer.name: customer name
  • order.customer.lastname: customer's last name
  • order.business.address: business address
  • order.customer.address_notes: Customer's address notes
  • order.customer.dropdown_option.name: name of the delivery area
  • order.customer.dropdown_option.city.name: name of the client's city
  • order.customer.cellphone: Customer's cell phone number
  • order.business.email: business email
  • order.customer.email: customer email
  • order.products: order products
  • order.delivery_zone_price: The delivery zone rice
  • order.driver_tip: value assigned to the driver's tip
  • order.service_fee: service price
  • order.offer_rate: order discount value
  • order.discount: Order discount
  • create_order: Mark if the order was created by a business

Utility Functions

  • onGoMyProfile(1): send to the profile page in the orders
  • print(): Print order, reserved function if order created by the business create_order
  • newCreateOrder(): Give the option to re-create an order if the order was created by the business create_order
  • calcTotalProduct(product): calculates the total of a product taking into account its extras
  • calcSubtotal(order): calculates the sum of the total of each product
  • calcTax(order): calculate the tax if it is a percentage based on the subtotal
  • calcDriverTip(order): calculate the driver's tip if this is delivery type and if the percentage is different from 0
  • calcServiceFee(order): calculates the total service if this is a percentage
  • calcTotalOrder(order): calculates the total order taking into account tips, taxes, service value and discounts

Example of base theme

  1. onGoMyProfile(1)
  2. calcTotalProduct(product)
  3. calcSubtotal(order)
  4. calcTax(order)
  5. order.delivery_zone_price
  6. calcServiceFee(order)
  7. calcTotalOrder(order)