Order rest search

This view lists the businesses that were searched according to the address, shows the most relevant information of each business such as business type, punctuation, description among others.

Main models

  • filterBusinessType:
  • filterBusiness:
  • sortBy: Model to order by different and the possible values are listed below
  • "": Do not order
  • distance*1: order by the distance of business from the user
  • -reviews.total*1: orders depending on the business rating
  • -id*1: orders from the newest to the oldest
  • name: sort by name
  • minimum*1: orders according to the minimum purchase that can be made in a negosio
  • delivery_time_min*1: Order for the delivery time estimated by a business
  • pickup_time_min*1: orders for the collection time estimated by a business
  • filteredBusiness: contains the filtered business in an array

Utility Functions

  • selectBusinessType($event, type): select the category to filter
  • onBusiness(item): Open the business view to select the products if it is open, if not open a modal of preoder to select the dates and times available

Example of base theme

  1. selectBusinessType($event, type)
  2. filterBusiness
  3. sortBy
  4. filteredBusiness
  5. onBusiness(item)