Preorder popup

modal that opens when the pre order option is selected to choose the available dates and times.

Main models

  • menus: contains the menus available for this business
  • curPreorder
  • the selected day
  • curPreorder.time: the selected time
  • curPreorder.days: the days that can be selected in an array
  • curPreorder.times: the hours that can be selected that day

Utility Functions

  • selectDate(): top up the hours available for this day
  • selectHour():
  • goToMenu(): send to the business view with the preorder option and the selected menu
  • selectMenu(menu): select a menu, and reload the days available for this menu
  • hidePreorder(): close the modal

Example of base theme

  1. hidePreorder()
  2. menus
  3. selectMenu(menu)
  4. selectDate()
  5. selectHOur