Allow your customers to speak well of your store.

You strive for excellent customer service, be built a space for your customers to express them self about how satisfied they are with you and your product.

Feedback is crucial for any business and so allow your customers to recommend you by speaking well of you.

Reviews Video

Some of the features included in this video tutorial, might not be included in your package, contact us for more information.

"Happy customers often spend more, return for more, and share more about their great experience. But how do businesses know if customers are happy? For a long time, customer ratings have served as one of the most important yardsticks when it comes to the measurement of happy customers. The problem, however, is that they have traditionally been difficult to trust and regulate – and, more importantly, challenging to glean valuable insights from."

To activate this feature let us know.

1. Create one order from your Ordering App or Web
2. Go in your Ordering Editor to review the Order
3. Go in your Ordering Web or App to see it

Want to know how to administrate your reviews?

If you need anything else from your Ordering Team, just let us know 👍
Have a Happy Ordering

Mauricio C

Ordering Team

Updated 9 months ago


Allow your customers to speak well of your store.

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