The address model has the following endpoints:

Get allGET/users/:user_id/addressesGet all user addresses with user_id.
GetGET/users/user_id/addresses/address_idGet user address with id user_id and address_id.
Create POST/users:user_id/addressesCreate a user address with user_id.
Update PUT/users/user_id/addresses/address_idUpdate user address with id user_id and address_id.
Delete DELETE/users/user_id/addresses/address_idDelete user address with id user_id and address_id.

The address model is composed of the following attributes:

name stringno, required to create.The user's first and/or middle name.
lastname stringno, required to create.The user's last name.
phone stringnoThe user's phone, minimum 7 characteres.
cellphone stringnoThe user's cellphone, minimum 10 characteres.
address stringnoThe user's address.
address_notes stringnoThe user's address notes. (e.g "Second floor")
zipcode stringnoThe user's zip code/postal code.
location stringnoString with json format with the user's position. (e.g. "{"lat": 10.1234, "lng": 20.5678}").
defaultbooleannoIf the address is default or not.
internal_numberstringnoThis number is used to identify more specifically the address, such as house / apartment / room number.
tagstringnois a name identifier of the address


About Name and Phone

This is used to add addresses that are sent to another person and the business or driver can have direct contact with them.