Advance Search Model

The business model has the following endpoints:

GetGET/searchGet an advance businesses search.
GetGET/search/suggestions Get suggestions of the search from business, category and product

The business model has the following attributes:

order_type_idintegerYesorder type (1,2) Delivery, PickupYes
locationjsonYeslocation to find the data. (lat, lng)Yes
termstringNovalue to find related data too.Yes
tagsarraynolabel for products.No
max_distancefloatnoMax search from the location providedYes
max_etaintegernoMax estimate time of arrivalYes
max_delivery_pricefloatnoMax delivery price on businessNo
max_product_pricefloatnoMax price amount of productNo
featured_productsbooleannoif enabled, the search will only find featured productsYes
in_offer_productsbooleannoif enabled, the search will only find in offer productsYes
level_pricestringnoThis is the classification per business depending on the prices of each business.Yes