Business Gallery Model

Get allGET/business/:business_id/galleryGet gallery items.
GetGET/business/:business_id/gallery/:item_idGet gallery item with id business_id and item_id.
Create POST/business/:business_id/galleryCreate a gallery item with business_id.
Update PUT/business/:business_id/gallery/:item_idUpdate gallery item with business_id and item_id.
Delete DELETE/business/:business_id/gallery/:item_idDelete gallery item with business_id and item_id.

The business model is composed of the following attributes:

typeintegerno, required to create.The item's type.
1 for image.
2 for video.
filebase64 image, url image or file image.noThe item's image.
videostringnoThe item's video, YouTube url.
titlestringnoThe item's name.
descriptionstringnoThe item's description.