Business Model

The business model has the following endpoints:

Get allGET/businessGet all businesses.
GetGET/business/id_or_slugGet business with id id_or_slug.
Create POST/businessCreate a business.
Update PUT/business/business_idUpdate business with id business_id.
Delete DELETE/business/business_idDelete business with id business_id.

The business model has the following attributes:

namestringno, required to create.The business's name.Yes
emailstringno, required to create.The business's email.Yes
slugstringno, required to create.The business's slug.Yes
schedulejsonnoThe business's schedule.moreNo
descriptionstringnoThe business's description.Yes
aboutstringnoThe business's about.Yes
logobase64 image, url image or file image.noThe business's logo image.No
headerbase64 image, url image or file image.noThe business's header image.No
phonestringnoThe business's phone.Yes
cellphonestringnoThe business's cellphone.Yes
owner_idintegernoThe business's owner, is the user id.Yes
city_idintegernoThe business's city, is the city id.Yes
addressstringnoThe business's address.Yes
address_notesstringnoThe business's address notes.No
zipcodestringnoThe business's zip/postal code.Yes
locationjsonnoThe business's location. (e.g. {"lat": 0, "lng": 0})No
featuredbooleannoIf business is featured or not.Yes
timezonestringnoThe business's timezone. List valid timezoneNo
currencystringnoThe business's currency.Yes
printer_idintegernoThe business's printer, is the printer id.No
minimumfloatnoThe business's minimum purchase.Yes
delivery_pricefloatnoThe business's delivery price.Yes
always_deliverbooleannoIf the business always delivers even without a delivery zone or not.Yes
tax_typeintegernoThe business's tax type.
1 for included in the price.
2 for not included in the price.
taxfloatnoThe business's tax.Yes
delivery_timestringnoThe business's delivery time. (e.g. hh:mm)No
pickup_timestringnoThe business's pickup time. (e.g. hh:mm)No
service_feefloatnoThe business's service fee.No
fixed_usage_feefloatnoThe business's fixed usage fee.No
percentage_usage_feefloatnoThe business's percentage usage fee.No
enabledbooleannoThe business's status.Yes
foodboleannoThe business´s type FOOD statusYes
alchoholboleannoThe business´s type ALCOHOL statusYes
groceriesboleannoThe business´s type GROCERIES statusYes
laundryboleannoThe business´s type LAUNDRY statusYes
use-printerboleannoUse printers's statusNo