Driver Groups Model

Get allGET/drivergroupsGet all driver groups.
GetGET/drivergroups/drivergroup_idGet driver group with id drivergroup_id.
Create POST/drivergroupsCreate a driver group
Update PUT/drivergroups/drivergroup_idUpdate driver group with id drivergroup_id.
Delete DELETE/drivergroups/drivergroup_idDelete driver group with id drivergroup_id.

The driver group model is composed of the following attributes:

administrator_idintegerno, required to create.User ID of administrador.Yes
namestringno, required to create.The group's name.Yes
driversjsonno, required to create.Array of driver id (e.g. [99,100,101...])No
enabledbooleannoThe group's status.Yes


Requirement for use Driver group Endpoints.

To create, update, delete driver groups user must be user level 0, 2 or 5 (Type: Administrator, business owner or driver manager).


When business owner ask for drivergroups

When a business owner ask for drivergroups, just brings the ones associated with his businesses, this will always will response with 200 code if the drivergroup ID is valid, or if there is any will return an empty array.