Dropdown Options Model

The drop-down options are normally used as zones or neighborhoods but can be used as any other option for a city. For example, schools, companies, hotels or any other search style on your ordering system.

Get allGET/dropdownoptionsGet all dropdown options
GetGET/dropdownoptions/:dropdownoption_idGet dropdown option with id dropdownoption_id.
Create POST`/dropdownoptionsCreate a dropdown option
Update PUT/dropdownoptions/:dropdownoption_idUpdate dropdown option with dropdownoption_id.
Delete DELETE/dropdownoptions/:dropdownoption_idDelete dropdown option with dropdownoption_id.

The dropdown option model is composed of the following attributes:

city_idintegerno, required to create.The dropdown option's city. (City ID)Yes
namestringno, required to create.The dropdown option's name.Yes
enabledbooleannoThe dropdown option's status.Yes


Dropdown options request restrictions

POST, PUT and DELETE request only can be made by user level 0 (Type: Administrator)