Product Extras Model

Get allGET/business/:business_id/extrasGet all extras with business_id.
GetGET/business/:business_id/extras/:extra_idGet extra with id business_id and extra_id.
Create POST/business/:business_id/extrasCreate a extra with business_id.
Update PUT/business/:business_id/extras/:extra_idUpdate menu with business_id and extra_id.
Delete DELETE/business/:business_id/extras/:extra_idDelete menu with business_id and extra_id.

The extra model (product options group) is composed of the following attributes:

namestringno, required to create.The extra's name.Yes
descriptionstringnoThe extra's description.Yes
enabledbooleannoThe extra's status.Yes


Restrictions for POST, PUT, DELETE products extras.

Products extras can only be created, updated or removed by user level 0 (Type: Administrator) and user level 2 (Type: Business owner).

  • User type Administrator can create, update or remove any products extras for any business.
  • User type Business owner can create, update or remove only products extra related to his business.