Notification Tokens Model

Notification token is the way in which the API connects with a device for the functionality of notifications, with this token the API knows to which device the notification has to be sent, in summary it is the device identifier.

The users model has the following endpoints:

Get AllGET/users/_user_id_/notification_tokensList all notification tokens of a user
CreatePOST/users/_user_id_/notification_tokensAdd a new notification token to a user
EditPUT/users/_user_id_/notification_tokens/:notification_tokensEdit a notification token of a user
DeleteDELETE/users/_user_id_/notification_tokens/:notification_tokensRemove a notification token of a user

The users model has the following attributes:

tokenStringThe notification token
user_idIntegerThe user id
appStringThe name of the app. (orderingapp, businessapp, deliveryapp)