Business Reviews Model

Get allGET/business/:business_id/reviewsGet all reviews with business_id.
GetGET/business/:business_id/reviews/:review_idGet review with id business_id and review_id.
Create POST/business/:business_id/reviewsCreate a review
Update PUT/business/:business_id/reviews/:review_idUpdate review with business_id and review_id.
Delete DELETE/business/:business_id/reviews/:review_idDelete review with business_id and review_id.

The extra model is composed of the following attributes:

order_idintegerno, required to create.The review's order. (Order ID)Yes
qualityintegerno, required to create.The review's quality.Yes
deliveryintegerno, required to create.The review's delivery.Yes
serviceintegerno, required to create.The review's service.Yes
packageintegerno, required to create.The review's package.Yes
user_idintegerno, required to create.The review's user. (User ID).Yes
commentstringno, required to create.The review's comment.Yes
enabledbooleannoThe review's status.Yes


Restrictions for Reviews

Reviews are the way businesses get feedback, this can be made by users, if this user has an order completed for this business (status: 1 or 11).


Get review response.

  • User level 0 (Type: administrator) response contains all reviews from all businesses that exist in the project.
  • User level 2 (Type: Business owner) response contains all reviews from all business related to this user.