Sites Model

Get sitesGET/sitesGell all sites/channels of the project
Get siteGET/sites/site_idGet site with id site_id
Create sitesPOST/sitesCreate New site
Update sitePUT/sites/site_idUpdate site with id site_id
Delete siteDELETE/sites/site_idDelete site with id site_id

The business model has the following attributes:

namestringno, required to create.The site's name.
codestringno, required to create.The site's name.
urlstringnoThe site's URL.
logostringnoThe site's logo
headerstringnoThe site's header image.
social_sharestringnoThe site's social share URL.
reset_password_url_templatestringnoThe site's reset password URL.
track_order_url_templatestringnoThe site's track order URL.
descriptionstringnoThe site's description.
checkout_url_templatestringnoThe site's checkout template URL.
cart_url_templatestringnoThe site's cart template URL.
business_url_templatestringnoThe site's business template URL.
category_url_templatestringnoThe site's category template URL.
product_url_templatestringnoThe site's product template URL.
profile_url_templatestringnoThe site's profile template URL.