Testing instructions

How to use our API explorer inside this document

We provide testing options with our API explorer inside this page.

Get an API key directly on your Ordering Editor
This key has no expiration so it can always be used unless it is deleted.

It is very easy to create an API key directly with your Ordering Editor.


Login with the Administrator or Business Owner user that you want to use. And then:
1 Click on My Account.
2 Click on Api Keys.
3 Click on Add.

Use the API explorer inside this document
Simply copy and paste the API key created with our Ordering Editor on any API endpoint from this document.


Play with our Ordering API

You can use the API explorer with our demo project or with your own Ordering project.


How to create a user Bearer token? (Alternative to API keys)

Authorization Bearer Tokens
Maybe you need to automatically generate authorization keys, that are variable from user to user, for example, if you are building any Front-End product such as a Native App.

Then instead of using API keys which are perfect for developing a backend plugin or backend feature, you can use authorization bearer tokens.

Bearer tokens are basically API keys that are automatically generated for each user based on the login information and provide the correct type of access for each API endpoint based on the logged in user.

In this case, you would do the following:

  1. Get the user bearer token with our Auth Endpoint.
  2. Use the bearer token obtained inside your Front-End product.

How to get a user bearer token with our API explorer?

Login with our API explorer in three simple steps

  1. Go to the login Endpoint auth link.
  2. Log in using our demo project or your own project with any user credentials. We recommend using the administrator for testing purposes because it has full access.
  3. Copy the session access token.

Alternative methods to test the Ordering API

Our Ordering API can also be tested from another environment such as Postman, but in order to use all endpoints, it is necessary to log in or use an API key. Next, we will show a guide that explains how to have full access using Postman.

How to get a user bearer token with Postman?

Login with Postman in three simple steps

Login with Postman example:

  • Use the authentication endpoint, in the body place email or phone and password.

1 The POST method must be selected.
2 the authentication endpoint API is used
3 The body must contain the parameters email or telephone and password.

  • Look for the access_token in the response, this is included insession. Copy the access token.
  • Finally we use the token in the following way, in the authorization tab, select bearer token and paste the token in the field.

1 Select the authorization tab
2 Select the bearer token option
3 in this input the access token is pasted

How to Get an API key with Postman?

Obtains full access with API key (No login)

Instead of authentication, you can also use an API key. This is like a token that does not have an expiration and allows the same accesses that login has.


1 We use the resource to create an API key
2 Authentication is required to create an API key
3 Response with API key if succesful


This key has no expiration so it can always be used unless it is deleted.