Edit Order

This API endpoint is used to update an order.

Using Ordering SDK

const response = await ordering.orders(orderId).save(changes);


Accept order by driver Company

Header x-api-key with driver_company.api_key (https://d.pr/i/IlTpPN) (Required)

external_driver_id (Required): Company driver id (Ex. Driver Uber ID) (NO RANDOM ID⚠️)
external_driver_name (Required): Company driver name
external_driver_photo (Optional): Company driver photo url
status (Required): 8 (Accept by driver)

After accept an order The driver can update status to other driver status


Reject order by driver company

Header x-api-key with drivercompany.api_key (https://d.pr/i/IlTpPN) (Required)
** (Required): 6

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