Wallet Event Model

Get allGET/wallets/wallet_id/eventsGet all events from a wallet.
GetGET/wallets/wallet_id/events/wallet_event_idGet event of wallet by id with wallet_id and wallet_event_id
GetGET/users/user_id/wallets/wallet_id/eventsGet all events of a user and wallet with user_id and wallet_id
GetGET/users/user_id/wallets/wallet_id/events/wallet_event_idGet event by user, wallet and wallet event with user_id, wallet_id and wallet_event_id
CreatePOST/wallets/wallet_id/eventsCreate event to a wallet
Only admins
CreatePOST/users/user_id/wallets/wallet_id/eventsCreate event to a wallet by user

The Wallet model is composed of the following attributes:

idIntegerNoIdentifier of the event
wallet_idIntegerYesIdentifier of the wallet
codeStringNoIdentifier for the event address
eventStringNoData of the event
Movement, Locked, Unlocked
event_typeStringNoType of event:
Manual, Refund
descriptionStringNoData of the description
amountFloatNoQuantity of the event
author_idIntegerNoIdentifier of the responsible for the event
fingerprint_dataJSONNoInformation of the action of the event
created_atTimestampNoDate when the event was created
updated_atTimestampNoDate when the event was updated