Wallet Model

To use this feature the wallet_enabled setting must be enabled

Get allGET/walletsGet all wallets from all users Only admin
Get allGET/users/user_id/walletsGet all wallets from a user
with user_id
GetGET/wallets/wallet_idGet wallet by id with wallet_id Only Admin
GetGET/users/user_id/wallets/wallet_idGet wallet by user id and wallet id with user_id and wallet_id
UPDATEPUT/wallets/wallet_idUpdate wallet by id Only admin
UPDATEPUT/users/user_id/wallets/wallet_idUpdate wallet by user id and wallet id with: user_id and wallet_id

The Wallet model is composed of the following attributes:

idIntegerNoIdentifier of the wallet
codeStringNoIdentifier for the wallet address
typeStringNoThe wallet's cash/credit_point.
user_idIntegerNoIdentifier of the user which the wallet belongs to.
balanceFloatNoBalance (amount) of the wallet
lockedBooleanYesIdentifier to know if the wallet is locked: If true, you can't make any transaction
locked_reasonStringNoReason why the wallet is locked.
Can be manually lock by the admin
locked_atTimestampNoDate when it was locked
created_atTimestampNoDate when the wallet was created
updated_atTimestampNoDate when the wallet was updated